Community Partners of the Poconos (CPOP)

Promoting Collaboration, Inclusion & Nonprofit Accountability

Complete List Of Available Trainings

Trainings in Governance, Planning, Fundraising and Grant Writing, can be tailored to specific group needs and provided on site at interested community agencies.  They are available in semester long, one-day, and shorter formats to accommodate participant needs. Contact Us for availability and to schedule a free consultation. Some trainings are available in both English and Spanish.

Workshops are conducted by CPOP President Dagmaris Cabezas, MS, and other professional trainers. Each training includes a practicum and/or case study to ensure that participants acquire hands on experience in the topic.  Fees vary according to length of sessions.   See below for information about Professional Trainers.

Governing Your Organization

Topic: Preparing for the NEW Form 990: Are you ready?  The new 990 asks for more information than requested in the old form and all tax-exempt organizations, even those with annual budgets under $25,000 now have to report to the IRS. Your 990’s are public information and can affect the way the public sees you. This workshop will explore the New 990 to prepare your organization to comply effectively with its requirements.

Topic: How to Become an Effective Board Member.  What are the duties and legal responsibilities of the members of your board of directors? This workshop is designed to promote good governance and accountability in nonprofit board of directors.  It will discuss the difference between nonprofit and for profit entities, ways to handle conflict of interest issues, and will examine tools to improve the ways boards function.  Upon completion, participants will be able to identify specific ways for board members to improve their meetings, and their relationship with the group’s executive director.

Topic: Governance and Accountability: How to Maintain a Competitive Edge. Recent scandals in the non-profit sector have eroded donor confidence in the ability of charities to uphold the public trust. Both government and the non-profit sector are stepping up to the plate to promote accountability through legal means and voluntary standards. This workshop will help you understand the current climate of accountability in the Nonprofit Sector and identify key standards of excellence needed to promote accountability in your organization.

Planning For Your Needs

Topic: How to Start a Nonprofit Organization. Think you have a good idea for a program or service project? This workshop will help you decide whether a nonprofit or for profit venture is the best way to accomplish your dream, and will help you identify the people and resources needed to put it all together. Upon completion participants will know the steps involved in creating a nonprofit organization.

Topic: How to Conduct a Strategic Plan. If you and your fellow group members don’t know where you’re going, it doesn’t matter which way you go. Learn to plot a course. This workshop will discuss the importance of the Strategic Planning process. Upon completion, participants will be able to understand the concepts of vision, mission, goals and objectives.

Securing Funding For Your Organization

Topic: How to Create a Fund Development Plan. How do you find diverse sources of funding for your programs and services? This workshop is designed to introduce participants to the fundamentals of fundraising, to help them understand the principles of fundraising, and to help them identify the different types of fundraising methods.  Upon completion, participants will understand how to create a fundraising plan.

Topic: How to Write a Grant. Now that you’ve established your organization and you understand that there are different sources of funding, you are ready to write a grant proposal.  This workshop will review the essentials of grant writing. Upon completion, participants will understand the key components of a grant proposal.

Topic: Help your Donors Take the Right Deductions. Give your donors the information that they need in order to obtain the full benefits of their tax deduction.  Learn what the federal tax law requires of  charities and churches that receive tax-deductible charitable contributions and of taxpayers who make contributions.

Topic: Money For The Arts In a Non-Arts Environment. Finding it difficult to support your arts or general programming?  Have a great idea for a project but don’t know where to look for funding?  Learn to tap sources that include Pennsylvania State funding, memberships, individual donations and corporate support.

Topic:  Ready, Set, Ask: Preparing For And Making In-Person Requests For Major Gifts.  Securing donations from individuals is one of the most effective ways to increase funding for your nonprofit or volunteer group.  Is it difficult for you to ask for money?  With this workshop you will discuss how to identify the Right Person, Prospect, Amount, Project, Time, and Way!  

Topic:  Surf the Web with Your Fundraising Campaign. Learn how to apply presidential campaign tricks to use for your own online fundraising campaign. Discover the best days and times for online solicitations, how to write an e-mail solicitation, and more.  

Professional Trainers

  • Dagmaris Cabezas, MS, professional executive consultant and founder Community Partners of the Poconos. Principal of Mares Consultants Nonprofit Services. President-elect Pocono Mountains Chapter of the Association of Fundraising Professionals. 
  • Laura Goss, executive director Pocono Mountains Arts Council. Member, Pocono Mountains Chapter of the Association of Fundraising Professionals.
  • Maryanne Heeter, president Pocono Mountains Chapter of the Association of Fundraising Professionals, and part of the Farr Healey Consulting team providing services to numerous nonprofits in Northeast Pennsylvania.